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Dungeon Leveling – The Only World of Warcraft In-Game Automated 1-80 Dungeon Leveling Guide

Are you tired of leveling guides that don’t support leveling with recruit a friend or heirloom items? Are you tired of leveling guides that don’t support the BIGGEST part of World Of Warcraft? So what is the biggest part of WoW?

World Of Warcraft is a Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO) the game is designed for you to interact and work together with other players. The worst problem that has plagued leveling guides for years is that they don’t support leveling in Dungeons.

Players are able to enter a dungeon and get massive rewards in almost all levels, but most players who use leveling guides often don’t enter any dungeons until they reach level 80. This is because in the past it was really difficult to look for four other players to complete the dungeon with, your time was wasted Looking For Group when you could keep questing solo instead.

This is no longer a problem since Blizzard introduced the “Dungeon Finder” system in patch 3.3. Now the system will automatically find a group for you and teleport you instantly into the dungeons.

All that is great but what about the Dungeon Quests? There are plenty of quests for every dungeon that you enter. Standard leveling guides are always designed to get you from 1-80 solo. All leveling guides on the market today will steer you away from any dungeon quests. This is why most players who use leveling guides skip doing dungeons all together.

Benefits of Dungeon Leveling

#1 Fastest experience gain per hour.

Leveling with four other players means you will be killing monsters non-stop with the help of your group. There is very little down time and elite monsters will give you more XP as well.

#2 Complete Dungeon Quests.

Dungeon quests provide double experience points because dungeon quests are considered more difficult by Blizzard so they have increased the rewards to encourage more players to enter dungeons.

#3 Overgear your character with the best Rare (Blue) quality items.

Dungeon quests often provide you with the best rewards in the game. Solo rewards are not really as good.

#4 Experience every aspect of WoW.

Experience the thrill of battling with unique monsters and bosses and getting the best Rare (Blue) quality items. You don’t have to put up with leveling with Green quality items any longer.

You get to play as a group and the game actually becomes much easier because you have four other players helping you to complete your quests. Grouping together and killing the top bosses in the dungeons is the best fun of the game.