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Kids Activities – Pirate Treasure Hunt

My husband and I have 5 children. When you have this many kids in the house, you’ve got to be creative with ways to entertain them. Here’s a great idea that will get the whole family involved!

During the summer, my husband got our oldest 4 involved in a Pirate Treasure Hunt. The kids loved this role play activity and we did it about 3 times the first day. Here’s what we did.

First, we drew a rough map of our house on a piece of paper. Then we labeled each room. We used names like: Ocean of Lost Souls, Waste Land, Land of Tomorrow, Land of Nightmares, Dungeon of Doom, Land of Milk and Honey, Cave of Night, Mountain of Gold.

Then we cut the map into four randomly shaped pieces. On each there was an arrow showing where to go next and a clue. These were, for example, “Search for 3 gold coins.” Then, we hid three of the map pieces with coins in the rooms indicated on the map. The fourth map piece was given to the appointed Captain of our Pirate Crew.

We also invented a series of scenarios to occur in each room. As we entered we rolled a dice to determine which scenario we would encounter. Here are some examples:

Room #1:

1. A trip wire is crossed. Your crew has 5 minutes to finish the entire mission or you are trapped forever.

2. Nothing happens.

3. A giant snake attacks. Roll 6 or you loose your crew.

4. If anyone spoke when you entered the room, you woke up spiders. Roll a 6 and you’ll be trapped.

5. Nothing happens.

6. Nothing happens.

Room #2:

1. A sea monster takes a crew member captive. Choose which member.

2. Nothing happens.

3. A wart-faced hog creature sword fights your leader.

4. Nothing happens.

5. A pack of wolves eat a crew members unless you avoid rolling a 1.

6. A small squid-like creature attaches itself to a crew member. Roll once in all remaining rooms for a 6.

Room #3:

1. A crew member is attacked by a giant flesh eating vine and is rescued by your leader.

2. Nothing happens.

3. Big spiders attack your leader. He’s rescued by a crew member.

4. Nothing happens.

5. Walking skeletons attack. Roll a 6 and you never escape.

6. A talking frog shows you the way to your clue.

Each crew member was then given a weapon (make believe or toy) and a flashlight or lantern. We each dressed up in some way as a pirate. Then we drew the blinds, turned off the light and began our adventure. As we moved into the first room, my husband pulled out a dice and had the Pirate Captain roll it. We acted out the scenario indicated by the Captain’s roll of the dice, then continued on our adventure. At the end, we found a treasure chest of gold.

This pretend play idea can be improvised and adjusted to fit your children’s preferences, or you can use it just as listed above. Either way, I hope your kids love it as much as ours do.